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I found Elizabeth King to be brilliant regarding the colon. She helped me overcome my irritable bowel syndrome when no one else could. However, she never mentioned a cause, which after several years I found out to be Celiac Disease. That is the first thing she should have mentioned to me and so I kept on eating gluten and getting sick. My husband and I set an appointment with her to discuss what could be wrong with me. Elizabeth promptly sat me down and put my hand on this special mouse hooked to a computer/machine. It was sort of like some "crystal ball" that supposedly reads your body through contact with your hand. She started reading me all of the information that came up on the computer screen. She was so off it was scary. She said, "It says that you have pain in the right breast." I said, "Wrong. It is in the left breast." She said, "This machine is always right. It is YOUR body talking to it. It perfectly reads your body. The pain is just reverberating from your right breast to your left breast." She kept reading numerous things wrong with me off of her special machine. Not one thing was ringing true. She then said, "The machine says you have very low self-esteem and that you are very lonely." She looked at my husband and said, "Does this describe her?" And my husband said, "No, not at all." I had had bad self-esteem several years in the past, but now I had better self-esteem than ever. I asked her if she thought it could be a food allergy and she said it was definitely not. She pointed to an electric cord and said that my nerves were all frayed with the covering to the electrical nerves cords burnt off. My husband and I kept glancing at each other like she was nuts and the machine was definitely; well all I can say is the entire session was a rip off!!!!

Elizabeth then took me off of this machine and escorted me into her inner office. There she brought out bottle after bottle of supplements. I said, "I am already taking tons of supplements. What about those?" She said "Oh, those aren't doing you any good. THESE are the ones you need girl." My husband and I gave each other long side glances knowing we were each getting the feeling that we are being taken. Elizabeth then asked my husband what his main concern was. He said, "When my wife gets really sick, she thinks she is going to die." Elizabeth said sternly to me, "Shame shame on you! You are putting undue stress on your poor husband." Well that was it. That was all that I could take. I already felt terrible for my husband having to go through all of this with me. But now some lady was telling me, through some crystal ball machine; that I am really physically ill with frayed nerve sheaths and low self-esteem ~ and on top of it all she was laying on the guilt for me unduly upsetting my husband. I am a really strong person with great self-esteem, but I was feeling so physically ill at the time I was in her office and I was so worn down that the tears started pouring down my cheeks and I could not stop crying. My husband then looked at Elizabeth and said, "You wait a minute here. My wife is so gracious. She says nothing most of the time and suffers deeply, working under the most excruciating pain and exhaustion. But it becomes unbearable at times and only then does she collapse; then and only then does she feel like she is going to die. She can't help it." And Elizabeth snapped back, "OH YES SHE CAN! She can totally control her body. Let me give you an example. I look at my arm when it is in pain and I say, "Body ~ I am not in pain…I do not feel pain" and the pain goes away. Your wife is in control of it all. By just saying "˜Pain go away' it will." By now, I was sobbing. We paid her $200.00 and walked out her door.

Right after the appointment with Elizabeth King I had an appointment with my hair stylist. I was crying all the way there. I called my husband (who went in another car) and asked him what he thought of our appointment with Elizabeth King and he said, "I am so f!@#$%ing sick and tired people that take us for money when we are desperate to find a cure. That machine was bull#$%&. It was all bull#$%&*!"

I pulled up in front of my hair stylist's but I couldn't go in. I was crying too hard. I felt totally traumatized. I just couldn't stop. I love cosmetics and I looked in the mirror. My fake eyelashes were falling off and mascara was everywhere. I had to sit in my car a long time waiting to gain composure after feeling completely traumatized by Elizabeth King. When I got home my husband was so angry at Elizabeth that he could hardly see straight. He finally was able to find her machine on the Internet (he called it the "metallic Mickey Mouse glove") and found out that it is a scam marketed by a multi-level company out of Provo, Utah, and that the company is being investigated for public stock fraud!!!

In addition to this bad experience, Elizabeth was extremely angry at anyone who was late for their appointments. She would thank me for being on time but she would complain and moan about those who were late. I guess hypocrisy fits her well. I would sometimes wait up to an hour to be seen and the last couple of times I had to stand and wait because her sofa was covered with cat hair and I am allergic to cats. Meanwhile her dog kept coming and licking my toes ~ it was an unprofessional waiting area to have to things like that going on in addition to her being late. She was incredibly rude, had an awful bedside manner and in addition she seems to be deeply scarred psychologically. In that last appointment Elizabeth decided to tell us a story to show us how we can be scarred by our past (little did she know that I am a therapist and highly trained ~ I guess she would have known that had she simply asked). She related to us a long story about how she was the "ugly" one growing up and how the other siblings were the pretty ones. She said that she felt totally rejected by her father. She started crying ~ which was weird because on the outside she seems like a total rock hard piece of ice. It was my session but she must have gone on for 20 minutes about her youth. She obviously has not gotten over it and from what both my husband and I both observed, she could use a good psychotherapist.

All of this is a shame because I do believe she has a great understanding of the colon, and I understand that she goes abroad and gives charitable work to help others. Although, again she totally missed the most obvious diagnosis ~ Celiac Disease, which we have now read that when a clinician sees irritable bowel syndrome, that is the first thing that they should suggest that their patient gets checked for.

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The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.

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