Only Natural Wellness Center - Very rude and abrupt woman, not proffessional

Salt Lake City, Utah 2 comments

I scheduled a consultation with Elizabeth King in Draper, Utah.She told me to look for a ying-yang sign at the place of business.

As I arivved I didn't realize I was going toa very contemporary home. (Elizabeths personal home) I called because I wanted to be sure I was at the right place since the address I had from a business card was about 4 years old. She asked if I had not seen the ying-yang sign? As I looked it became clear it was not a "sign" hanging it was her landscaping.

The ying-yang was a rock decoration of landscaping! So I went in and saw her signs of "do not enter" and also one by the down stairs with a shoe rack. My brain did an assumption and I put my shoes on the rack and went down satirs!. Very large screw up!

I stood at the basement landing not sure what to do, when I hear elizabeth yell, Where are you? I said, down stairs, she then said, it is very clear on the sign, I don't know how you could have missed that you were to go upstairs. I appologized to her but could tell she was very angry. Her behavior was not forgiving in any way.

She asked me to *** my jewelry and sit down. She had me lean forward as she looked into my eyes, at my tongue. When she found out I was chewing gum, I was asked, if anyone had told me that she doesn't like me to chew gum, that it is toxic! So I spit it out and she didn't where to put it!

We continued and she acted like I was so ill as she made some points about my health and what was going on with me. Then she had me place my hand on her magic computer hand and was told that my body was going to speak about what was going on. She told me I have a deep surpressed issue and I was as sick in the brain as I was otherwise!!! That emotionally I basically was not a very functioning person, can't make decisions to save my life, was not confident to do anything, the nerons in my brain were misfiring and I was very confused.

Then... she says, this explains why you didn't see the ying-yang sign in the yard!!! This explains why you went down stairs when the sign clearly said upstairs. She told me I had radiation problems, I can't think of any radiation I have been exposed to in high doses, I was loaded up with the remains of soda pop.

Um, I drink a sip of my husbands at a movie once in a two week period or so, so NO, this is not correct! Hitler was sitting in front of me, I swear! Mean! Unforgiving!

Intolerant! I don't know how this women gets along with anyone! One other thing. This is MY Dime, My $78.00 cash dime.

She kept answering the phone and chit chatting to other people and then clicking over to answer another call, while I am sitting with my hand on her crystal tell all ball. Talk about Rude and wasting my time and money! I know one thing this brain of mine functions well enough to write this review, my mouth runs well enough to speak what I feel about how unproffessional, rude and abrupt Elizabeth King is! So, I was still going to do the program.

I had to start the very next day since she was going out of town. I called to talk with her about what I was supposed to do that next morning, and I asked her a couple questions, and she jumped down my throat about not worrying about other people, just worry about me. Hello, I was worried about me, that's why I asked some questions. I think that she didn't like that.

Too bad, I needed more information. She used my time to ask questions, to talk on the phone to others!!! But in asking a couple of the questions, she told me she was taking me off the schedule because she din't think I was good for the program! OK, well I don't think it's right for me either if the person I am trusting to help me, is not on board with at least trying to be kind during the process.

Wow, only go if you don't mind this woman trying to make you feel small, ill, ready for the grave, and ***.Buyer beware!!

Review about: Colon Cleanse.


Provo, Utah, United States #1327477

I agree.Went in for a consultation and she acted like I should know I am just supposed to walk in.

I was on time but she was not and kept helping other people who were there instead of having a consult with me and when I asked questions she would only say you will find out when you start the program. No info except to tell me how bad I treat my body.

She promptly collected my money and said good bye.Not very nice.


The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.

Only Natural Wellness Center - Elizabeth King with only natural wellness

Lakeland, Florida 4 comments
Not resolved

I have seen a lot of controversy on Elizabeth King. It was interesting to me how some people described their experience. I spent several weeks working with Elizabeth and I don't agree with many of the statements people said about her. However, there are those who found Elizabeth very brilliant and well educated in what she does. This was my experience as well.

So for those of you who have read bad reviews on Elizabeth, know that she is a sharp, very intelligent English woman who has been doing this a long time and doesn't have time for failure. What she requests of you is sometimes difficult. She is trying to help you completely detox and clean your body out from all of the toxins and abuse we have put ourselves thru for years. Its stands to reason it wouldn't be simple. But she told me right off the back, if I wasn't committed, don't waste her time or MY money and I respect that. I really truly believe her overall goal is for you to heal and enjoy a better, healthy body. I have grown to love and respect her like a second mother. She lights up every time I talk to her and I know she is pleased with my results.

To give you a bit more detail, SHE SAVED ME! My body was shutting down and I could barely get out of bed and no traditional doctor could explain why. I had one internal specialists tell me I had a partially blocked intestine and wanted to remove a portion of it but I knew my body couldn't handle the surgery and I felt there was more to it.

After going to Elizabeth for weeks, I found out that blockage was large cocoon of parasites. I saw several after they had left my body, one over two feet long! It was amazing and incredibly shocking! I am very grateful for modern medicine and know there is a huge place for it, but I have no doubt that doctor would have removed that lump without even investigating it or realizing it was leaving its eggs behind.

I passed dozens of stones from several organs. I had my gallbladder removed at the age of 25 for having stones. I learned the gallbladder doesn't produce stones, but they are made in the liver. The gallbladder simply helps to store them, break them up and pass them. I wish I would have known that before I let them yank mine out. As a result my liver was full of stones with no support. I also passed so much 'gravel' (the small beginnings of stones) that I could have made my own sand box!

Long story short, I spent several weeks with Elizabeth. Most people don't have to go as long as I did, but i was really bad off and chuck full of horrible things. It may have seemed a bit pricey to some people, but I spent far less on following her advice then I would have in my insurance deductible to have the intestinal removal which, I am certain, would not have fixed much of anything!

Please don't be mislead about Elizabeth and what she does. She is not a doctor and will not profess to be or try diagnoses you with anything. She does not focus on any disease or the NAME, but she will help you understand your body and what it needs to get and STAY HEALTHY! (No matter what traditional doctors have told you.) I truly believe that Elizabeth has found ways to tap into nature and is willing to teach you how to be natural and smart with your health!

I refer people to her every week. My 22 step son has started seeing her. He was amazed at how incredible accurate she was on everything she told him. If you want to see a doctor that will be nice and gentle, pump you full of drugs and request you come see him often, then you shouldn't waste your time going to Only Natural Wellness. But if you really want to enjoy a new, clean body and understand how to continue to care for yourself so you only need a minor detox once every year or two, go see Elizabeth. She WILL change your life!

THANKS YOU ELIZABETH! I truly look and feel fifteen years younger!

Review about: Colon Cleanse.



I completely agree with this post.Elizabeth helped me with my own chronic auto-immune disease.

Her personality doesn't seem warm and fuzzy at first, but she is very loving. She knows her stuff and she is trust-worthy. What she asks of you is difficult, but completely worth it.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her.I will be forever in her debt.


The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.

to The reason for this post #1344847

No the reason she needs to market is because she is successful.She gets you healthy and your I longer need to go back.

She was abrupt with me also but I admire her and want to be healthy so I am doing her plan.I already feel so much better.


I just thought I would share two other testimonials......

I had just moved in to a new neighborhood when I met a new friend who told me about Elizabeth. I have suffered with chronic health problems for about 3 years. Strange neurological symptoms and fatigue where among the highest on my complaint list. I had been to many doctors and been given a probable diagnosis of MS and had even been on injection medication for a year. So when my friend told me about the hydro-colon therapy I was ready to try anything. My detox was difficult because I had such a toxic body. My body had to slowly climb out of the rut it had been in for so long. I could feel myself slowly making progress. I had to focus on small victories in order to keep the motivation to continue on with my detox. I am so glad I did! I was educated on many different things that had been damaging or poisoning my body in the past. I already had the desire to feed myself and my family healthy but now I was truly motivated to make a huge switch. My husband is so excited to have me cook every night. I used to think we were too busy and I just didn't have the time or know how to cook a healthy meal for my family. Now I MAKE time and have learned to plan ahead and it is working out great! We haven't been through a drive-thru since I started the detox and that is really a big deal for my family. By the time I was ready for my last treatment I was feeling so much better! My symptoms have decreased...

-Shannon Dent, Draper Utah

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Only Natural Wellness Center - Don't Get Ripped Off By Elizabeth King

Houston, Texas 1 comment
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I found Elizabeth King to be brilliant regarding the colon. She helped me overcome my irritable bowel syndrome when no one else could. However, she never mentioned a cause, which after several years I found out to be Celiac Disease. That is the first thing she should have mentioned to me and so I kept on eating gluten and getting sick. My husband and I set an appointment with her to discuss what could be wrong with me. Elizabeth promptly sat me down and put my hand on this special mouse hooked to a computer/machine. It was sort of like some "crystal ball" that supposedly reads your body through contact with your hand. She started reading me all of the information that came up on the computer screen. She was so off it was scary. She said, "It says that you have pain in the right breast." I said, "Wrong. It is in the left breast." She said, "This machine is always right. It is YOUR body talking to it. It perfectly reads your body. The pain is just reverberating from your right breast to your left breast." She kept reading numerous things wrong with me off of her special machine. Not one thing was ringing true. She then said, "The machine says you have very low self-esteem and that you are very lonely." She looked at my husband and said, "Does this describe her?" And my husband said, "No, not at all." I had had bad self-esteem several years in the past, but now I had better self-esteem than ever. I asked her if she thought it could be a food allergy and she said it was definitely not. She pointed to an electric cord and said that my nerves were all frayed with the covering to the electrical nerves cords burnt off. My husband and I kept glancing at each other like she was nuts and the machine was definitely; well all I can say is the entire session was a rip off!!!!

Elizabeth then took me off of this machine and escorted me into her inner office. There she brought out bottle after bottle of supplements. I said, "I am already taking tons of supplements. What about those?" She said "Oh, those aren't doing you any good. THESE are the ones you need girl." My husband and I gave each other long side glances knowing we were each getting the feeling that we are being taken. Elizabeth then asked my husband what his main concern was. He said, "When my wife gets really sick, she thinks she is going to die." Elizabeth said sternly to me, "Shame shame on you! You are putting undue stress on your poor husband." Well that was it. That was all that I could take. I already felt terrible for my husband having to go through all of this with me. But now some lady was telling me, through some crystal ball machine; that I am really physically ill with frayed nerve sheaths and low self-esteem ~ and on top of it all she was laying on the guilt for me unduly upsetting my husband. I am a really strong person with great self-esteem, but I was feeling so physically ill at the time I was in her office and I was so worn down that the tears started pouring down my cheeks and I could not stop crying. My husband then looked at Elizabeth and said, "You wait a minute here. My wife is so gracious. She says nothing most of the time and suffers deeply, working under the most excruciating pain and exhaustion. But it becomes unbearable at times and only then does she collapse; then and only then does she feel like she is going to die. She can't help it." And Elizabeth snapped back, "OH YES SHE CAN! She can totally control her body. Let me give you an example. I look at my arm when it is in pain and I say, "Body ~ I am not in pain…I do not feel pain" and the pain goes away. Your wife is in control of it all. By just saying "˜Pain go away' it will." By now, I was sobbing. We paid her $200.00 and walked out her door.

Right after the appointment with Elizabeth King I had an appointment with my hair stylist. I was crying all the way there. I called my husband (who went in another car) and asked him what he thought of our appointment with Elizabeth King and he said, "I am so f!@#$%ing sick and tired people that take us for money when we are desperate to find a cure. That machine was bull#$%&. It was all bull#$%&*!"

I pulled up in front of my hair stylist's but I couldn't go in. I was crying too hard. I felt totally traumatized. I just couldn't stop. I love cosmetics and I looked in the mirror. My fake eyelashes were falling off and mascara was everywhere. I had to sit in my car a long time waiting to gain composure after feeling completely traumatized by Elizabeth King. When I got home my husband was so angry at Elizabeth that he could hardly see straight. He finally was able to find her machine on the Internet (he called it the "metallic Mickey Mouse glove") and found out that it is a scam marketed by a multi-level company out of Provo, Utah, and that the company is being investigated for public stock fraud!!!

In addition to this bad experience, Elizabeth was extremely angry at anyone who was late for their appointments. She would thank me for being on time but she would complain and moan about those who were late. I guess hypocrisy fits her well. I would sometimes wait up to an hour to be seen and the last couple of times I had to stand and wait because her sofa was covered with cat hair and I am allergic to cats. Meanwhile her dog kept coming and licking my toes ~ it was an unprofessional waiting area to have to things like that going on in addition to her being late. She was incredibly rude, had an awful bedside manner and in addition she seems to be deeply scarred psychologically. In that last appointment Elizabeth decided to tell us a story to show us how we can be scarred by our past (little did she know that I am a therapist and highly trained ~ I guess she would have known that had she simply asked). She related to us a long story about how she was the "ugly" one growing up and how the other siblings were the pretty ones. She said that she felt totally rejected by her father. She started crying ~ which was weird because on the outside she seems like a total rock hard piece of ice. It was my session but she must have gone on for 20 minutes about her youth. She obviously has not gotten over it and from what both my husband and I both observed, she could use a good psychotherapist.

All of this is a shame because I do believe she has a great understanding of the colon, and I understand that she goes abroad and gives charitable work to help others. Although, again she totally missed the most obvious diagnosis ~ Celiac Disease, which we have now read that when a clinician sees irritable bowel syndrome, that is the first thing that they should suggest that their patient gets checked for.

Review about: Hydrocolonic.



The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.

Only Natural Wellness Center - Unbelievably offensive and unprofessional

Salt Lake City, Utah 7 comments
Not resolved

I purchased a series of hydrotherapy sessions off of Groupon for Elizabeth King's colon cleanse Only Natural Wellness Center.I recently moved here from Seattle where I had a wonderful hydrotherapist, so I am familiar with how a well-run, experienced, professional, kind, CERTIFIED, clean and high-tech hydrotherapy center should operate.

My experience with Elizabeth Kind was anything but. I walked in, took my shoes off (per the posted signs) and went upstairs. Elizabeth was helping another client, so I sat down and waited. She finished and came out of the room.

I said hello. Without making eye contact or introducing herself, she told me to sit down and she'd be with me in a moment. After a few moments, again without even looking at me, she asked if I had my voucher. I said yes and got up to give it to her.

She told me to be seated and she would be with me in a moment. Seriously?? She stated, "this is your second appointment." I said, "no, this is the first time I've been here. I have two other appointments scheduled after this." She said, "it says this is your second appointment." I said, "it is incorrect.

I've never been here before and have never met you." She then told me to put my coat downstairs on the coat rack. I asked if I could keep it with me (it's a new, not-cheap winter coat). She said, "please put it downstairs." I obliged. She then took me into the room where she proceeded to give a series of instructions.

I felt like I was in trouble. After disrobing and getting situated (please note, there was plenty of room for my coat to have been with the rest of my clothes in the restroom), she came in and began the session by starting the flow of the liquid into my body. I had never been on a machine like this before. I'm used to quality equipment.

I told her when I was ready to release. She told me to do it. I looked at her inquisitively and she said, "push, push, push!" As embarrassing and uncomfortable as it was, I did. If anyone has had hydrotherapy before, if you suffer from food allergies and/or digestive issues, which I do (thus the reason I was at the freaking place), you know that you may have gas during this session.

Well, I did. She berated me for it. She then told me to clench for the next fill. I did.

She said, "Clench harder. I can still hear dripping. Do you hear the dripping? Do you have a weak pelvic floor?" I told her, "No one has ever critiqued my pelvic floor." She said, "well, no one would tell you that, you would know because you can't seem to clench." At this point, I was totally mortified and nearing my breaking point.

I did not pay to be insulted by a pompous ***. She then turned on a dvd about silver fillings and the mercury poisoning it causes and left. Never have I experienced craziness like this. I went through my series, cleaned up and dressed.

As I was leaving, she told me to take a probiotic. I said, "Yes, absolutely. I actually already do daily." She said, "well, you may want to consider increasing the dosage because it doesn't seem to be helping you." I left. I will never return for my remaining two appointments.

I will not cancel them because I want her to sit there and wait for me.

I want my no-show appointments to prevent someone else from experiencing this horrible treatment.I will post this anywhere I possibly can to hopefully save someone from her rude, insensitive, insulting and incredibly uncalled for behavior.

Review about: Colon Hydrotherapy.


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1271797

She is DEFINITELY like this all the time.I bet her body's very healthy but her emotions are not.

Unhappy lady.


The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.


I went through Elizabeth's complete program.It was difficult.

I called it "hardcore detox". She was not the easiest person to interact with for sure, but nonetheless, I feel absolutely great.

In 4 weeks, my serum cholesterol dropped from 215 to 125; LDL from 145 to 64, and my triglycerides from 113 to 56.

My advice is to be on time, cordial, do what she asks you to do because she has high expectations.


I visited in Oct 2011 and was not very happy with the service of the owner.I felt like I was in trouble the whole time.

While I was waiting, I had just socks on my feet and tucked them under my legs because I was cold and she got after me about it.The situation is uncomfortable enough without having to feel more awkward about possibly doing something wrong!


Sunshine - I'm with you all the way.I will contact Groupon and the BBB (although she's not registered she does have a profile, which makes me wonder if people have complained about her in the past).

One other thing, the 'consultation' - on the Groupon it says it is a 45 minute consultation. Mine was 15 mins max and all she did was use this highly dubious electronic 'biocommunication' device called Zyto. Have since read reviews which point out that the results are 'not reproducable' and change each time you use it. She did point out that she was not 'diagnosing' anything, but just stating 'facts'.

If these 'facts' can change with each reading ... how can they be facts. I asked how she was going to use these 'results' to suit my therapy session and said it wouldn't affect this session, just if I were to follow her 3-4 week detox plan (a diet of just juices and 3/weekly hydrotherapy sessions). There was no real explanation as to what these 'facts/results' mean to me, other than apparently I was very out of balance in many different areas.

When I asked where I was 'in balance' she said that wasn't important and she only needed to know what needed to be fixed. I thought I was going to get a consult on how I could adjust my diet/lifestyle etc, but came away with no information just this bogus 'report' which doesn't make any sense.

A follow up with Groupon and BBB is definitely necessary.If anyone else has similar experiences, I suggest you do the...

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Alta - I'm sorry you had to go through that experience.I've also notified Groupon because I don't think they should continue to run promos for her.

They say they could possibly get your money back, so perhaps you should send an email also?

I'm also going to report her to the BBB.I don't understand how she is still doing business in this state.


After a similar experience I searched for reviews of Elizabeth King.I wish I had found this before I purchased the Groupon.

However, I'm very glad I only bought the one session with consultation. She is incredibly rude and offensive. I even tried to bring this to her attention by asking if she ever said 'hello' - to which her response was, "why is that an issue for you?". I never once heard her say she was sorry (had kept me waiting for over an hour for my previous appointment out in the freezing cold) or inquired as to my well-being or physical state.

I will never return and will tell as many people as I can never to even consider her as a therapist. Just awful!!!! I knew it wasn't just me, but I'm glad to know that someone else has had the same sort of experience.

Do NOT visit Only Natural Wellness Center or Elizabeth King.March 2012

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Only Natural Wellness Center - Rude condescending judgemental business owner

American Fork, Utah 25 comments

At the Only Natural Wellness Center in Draper, Utah, Elizabeth king is the most abrasive personality I have come in contact with. She runs a hydrocolonic business out of her home and she is judgmental and unpleasant. She will be angry with you if things don't go just the way she likes.

In a business like this, a client needs to have an attendant wit a good bedside manner. She is nothing of the sort. I can't imagine she has any return customers. She will tell you you have a problem! Make sure you tell her upfront that you have. Digestive issues or she will try to prove to you that you do.

Hopefully you didn't buy a coupon because if you did, she will be extra rude. She told me I had a brain problem for forgetting to print my coupon.

Review about: Hydrocolonic.


San Leandro, California, United States #1031128

Oh the crazy.I made an appointment with this woman, Elizabeth King, late in the day, last Friday.

My appointment was to be the following Monday, at 4:00 pm. Well, come 5:00 AM Monday morning, my husband was called in to work for a manditory overtime. He's a peace officer, so not so much a choice in the matter. Well, this left me without a car for the day, and I live in Orem.

I called around 8:30 am when I woke up, and explained the circumstances, and asked if I could reschedule. She didn't say anything for a good 8 seconds.....I think an 8 second bull ride would have been easier than listening to her breathing on the other end of the line, like she was trying to gain composure over herself.....and that's when she opened a big box-O'-crazy on me!! You know, people like her really should be kind to their patients. Chronically ill patients like myself, have experienced the following, and more;

THOUSANDS of dollars for pointless medical care, lost endless hours of our lives, had numerous tests and needle pokes and prods, experienced countless tears and emotional breakdowns, and had life-altering, physically challenging ailments that have never been diagnosed, but are VERY real.

We CANNOT be yelled at, belittled, punished and guilted, just for having to reschedule!! I'm not going to my rescheduled appointment, and I'm not calling to cancel it either.

I hope she has a fantastically F'd up day, knowing that she has a no-show.I will be...

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Heber City, Utah, United States #842233

I bet you she doesn't have any return customers. They all get healed.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #631174

All of you, going for the first time, listen. All of these comments are (or may be) true. All the good and the bad.

After she explained to me what she does and what I had. She said very clear to me: "Are you willing to do this? Because if you don't, please don't waste yours and my time."

When I said "yes", I took it as a point of no return.

I finished the program the first time and I was supposed to keep my weight and my healthy nutrition habits for life, instead I did the same life I had before. In 7 years I was worse than the first time I went to her.

When she saw me again a couple of weeks ago, she treated me like the worst person ever stepped on her clinic. But I knew that all of that is just my pride and that I can survive that feeling, but I cannot survive with some cancer heading my way.

Please, if you have the blessing of knowing about her, don't go there with pride. Take her as a very strict grandma or aunt who really likes to see you succeed for life.

I lost 20 lbs in 2 and a half weeks, I feel much better and keep going every week.

Like I said, don't put pride in front of your health. Expect her to be rude and mean the first, or maybe the second visit. Do what she ask you to do and after that, you will be more than grateful for knowing her.


The point with these posts is not whether she knows what she is doing.All the negative responses point out that as humans, we expect to be treated with a little respect.

It seems that Elizabeth will run a groupon and sell a lot of sessions. People will attend and never go back. Then she runs another groupon.

You need to ask youself if she was successful, she wouldn't have to market as much.Have you noticed all the good doctors out there are not taking new patients.


I had an appointment today with Elizabeth King and was really looking forward to the experience.When I arrived at what I thought was the prescribed time she informed me I had missed my appointment 2 hours prior.

I was taken back because in my hand written on my LivingSocial coupon I had written "4 pm Wednesday" so I thought I was a few minutes early. I apologized and told her there must be a break down in our communication. Elizabeth went off on me telling me not to blame her for missing my appt. I tried to calm her down and help her come to middle ground with accepting there had obviously been a communication break down when the appt.

was made. Oh boy, did I catch it! She blazed at me like a crazy woman. I'm glad others have had a good experience with her.

As for me, I pass. To be treated this disrespectful as a potential client or on any relationship level is unacceptable. At the point in this situation when I could see she is not a reasonable woman I decided I would just say "I'm sorry for missing the appointment" and reschedule. She continued badgering me so I put my shoes on and walked out.

Some have described Ms.

King as "strong".I would replace that description with "TOXIC" and I prefer not to have her bad energy flowing through my life on any level.


I have to admit, all of these comments were very entertaining to me. It's amazing the extreme difference in opinions about Elizabeth King. To the lady that wrote the long saga, I saw Elizabeth King for several week, much longer than most people due to circumstance and I found this your statements to be incredible inaccurate. In fact, if I hadn't been there myself, I would assume you was talking about somebody else.

Elizabeth is VERY sanitary, to the point she will not allow shoes in the clinic, but insist that you have socks or stockings on to help keep germs contained. I never saw a cat or a dog, much less worry about them crawling all over me. She also discredits Elizabeth for not diagnosing her with Celiac Disease. The lists goes on and on.

For this lady, pay better attention to what type of clinic this is. Elizabeth is not a traditional doctor and will not diagnose you by western medicine standards. Her goal is to help you find ways to get and stay healthy so that you DON'T need a doctor...or return to her weekly. So I suggest you go to a doctor if you want some very nice, good-bedside mannered person to tell you that you just need more drugs and need to come see them twice a month. While you are at it, see if they can diagnose you with Borderline Personality Disorder for your very vivid imagination and need for attention.

I would like to share my expeience……

I was dying. Not by doctors standards; In fact,...

I had an internal specialist say my intestine was partially blocked a good size piece needed to be removed but feared my body could not take the trauma of surgery. I am not a hypochondriac but I knew something was seriously wrong.

It's a long story how I came to find Elizabeth, but I will say she is very through and direct and I prefer it. Honestly is not always easy to hear but cuts thru the chase. Maybe its because she is English, maybe it's because she has been doing this 30 years, but at any rate anyone who really gets to know her understands that she REALLY knows about the body and has very specific reasons for everything she suggest you to do. I drilled her about everything I could as I was determined to understand what was going on with my body to try to get better and stay healthy. She was SO GOOD about answering my questions and I grew to love and appreciate her like another Mother!

Long story short, besides all of the great things I learned about health and taking care of my body that I will continue to do for the rest of my life, I saw with my own eyes a parasite leave my body that was almost two feet long...and that was only ONE of the many I witnessed. That partial blockage in my intestine was a cocoon of parasites that was slowly killing me and making me sicker and sicker! The doctors never even suggested to test for it and would have cut into me and removed that piece without investigating it, I'm quite certain. However, that would not have taken care of the eggs it would have left behind.

I also saw so much 'gravel' and stones leave my body that I could have built my own sand box. I also learned that your Gallbladder does not produce stones, but your liver. So I would like to know why traditional doctors remove your gallbladder at first signs of stones. Mine has been gone for 15 wonder my liver was having a hard time. The gallbladder that was removed, was supposed to provide support to it.

I am not a tree hugger or an extremist...and I love modern medicine in so many ways, but if you want to have your body completely detoxed and healed, PLEASE see Elizabeth and allow your own opinion of her. Because to me, I honestly feel that she SAVED ME and I will forever be in her debt!

I have referred so many people to her and will continue to do so as we all sit around and chat about how amazing we feel when we are done. She works with people with life-threatening illness as if they have a cold!! She is TRULY amazing!

I have no doubt in my mind, these people that complained NEVER finished the program. Otherwise, everything would be water under the bridge as they are scurrying off to enjoy their new healthy bodies.

Elizabeth has several testimonials on her website. Please read these before you decide to walk away. I feel if there were an 'Elizabeth' on every corner, we would all enjoy the bodies God intended for us!

Please see to get the body that is waiting for you!

Please look into this yourself. She could save your life!

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to DJ #1031130

Hmmmm...sounds like you might actually be....Elizabeth King herself!!

to DJ Eckley, Colorado, United States #1060984

My son and I have now been to Elizabeth every Mon, Wed and Friday for 3 weeks.My 28 year old son has been ill for 2 years, has been through many many Drs.

Psychotherapists, hypnosis, etc. all say there is nothing wrong with him. Yet he quivers in pain, has not driven his car in a year, can hardly stand. We were at the end of the search when we found Elizabeth King.

I agree that she is rude, abrupt, and callous. 30 years of dealing with people can make you that way. We almost did not go through with the treatment but seriously had nowhere else to turn. So far we can see that what she is doing is better than anyone else has been able to do and we are learning a lot about caring for our bodies.

So we will go back to this brilliant eccentric, unfriendly lady and expect to be well by Christmas!Thank you Elizabeth


My name is Penny. One night my sister-in-law and I were at dinner. I was joking with her that I was always so gassy. She said she knew someone that could cure that problem for me. She told me a little bit about Elizabeth and how she had changed her life at her Only Natural Wellness Center. I was very nervous and reluctant to go see Elizabeth. I thought if she could cure my constipation, gas and cramping that would be amazing. I have lived my entire life with these three problems.

So I went in for my evaluation with Elizabeth. In my one hour evaluation, she revealed

to me things that were going on with my body that I had not even discussed with her. One of the things that I remember vividly was how she said our colon is directly related to our lungs. I thought since my colon is so clogged I wonder if that was taken care of maybe my lung capacity would be improved, which I was having a lot of problems with.

My husband and I began road biking about 9 years ago. I noticed that when we were biking up hills my lungs would not fill to capacity and I would run out of breath. I could only take quick shorts breaths. I would have to stop until I could catch my breath again. This would never happened to my husband or the other bikers I was biking with.

As I went through the treatment with Elizabeth not only my constipation and cramping are cured but I had several things happen that I never expected. I lost a significant amount of weight...

Just last weekend my husband and I went biking. I had forgotten about what Elizabeth said about the colon/lung correlation. As I was biking up a steep hill that we have on our route, I realized my lungs were fine! For the first time in our nine years of biking, I did not run out of breath! So I thought I would try an even steeper hill the next time we went out and sure enough my lungs are stronger than they have ever been. I rode again today for 21 miles with some pretty steep elevation and I was very strong and did not lose my breath at all. I am so excited at my new lung capacity for biking!

I have learned so much about how my body functions and the best foods to eat for optimum health and performance. Elizabeth has literally changed my life and my families life! I can't thank her enough, she is the best!!!

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I had just moved in to a new neighborhood when I met a new friend who told me about Elizabeth.I have suffered with chronic health problems for about 3 years.

Strange neurological symptoms and fatigue where among the highest on my complaint list. I had been to many doctors and been given a probable diagnosis of MS and had even been on injection medication for a year. So when my friend told me about the hydro-colon therapy I was ready to try anything. My detox was difficult because I had such a toxic body.

My body had to slowly climb out of the rut it had been in for so long. I could feel myself slowly making progress. I had to focus on small victories in order to keep the motivation to continue on with my detox. I am so glad I did!

I was educated on many different things that had been damaging or poisoning my body in the past. I already had the desire to feed myself and my family healthy but now I was truly motivated to make a huge switch. My husband is so excited to have me cook every night. I used to think we were too busy and I just didn't have the time or know how to cook a healthy meal for my family.

Now I MAKE time and have learned to plan ahead and it is working out great! We haven't been through a drive-thru since I started the detox and that is really a big deal for my family. By the time I was ready for my last treatment I was feeling so much better! My symptoms have decreased tremendously.

Through hydro-colon therapy and...

I am looking forward to a long, healthy, and active life with my family!Thank you Elizabeth for believing in me!

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I just finished the detox and hormone therapy with Elizabeth.Before I went to her I was told I had MS and possibly Lupus.

I had been to countless doctors. I was getting so bad, it was difficult for me to take care of my family and small children. An inspired friend told me about Elizabeth. My detox was very difficult, and Elizabeth was tough with me.

I am so glad that she was! I feel better now than I have in the last three years! Her detox program and hydro therapy in connection with her hormone therapy has gotten my body back on track. Yes, she is tough, but I think she has to be tough to get people to stick with the program.

She is also very caring, she listened to me as I cried about how hard the detox was and then quickly told me I could do this! I called her all hours and even on the weekends and she was always helpful and happy to take my call. I really believe that Elizabeth cares about me and my health. I would, and do recommend her services to everyone I love and care about.

Don't go to her expecting to be babied because you won't be.Go to her expecting to be healed!


:) What are you guys talking about?I enjoyed my treatment and just recently finished, i lost 30 lbs, and 20 years!

I feel great! Elizabeth is strict but only because she doesnt want you to throw away your hard earned cash! Obviously all these other bad reviews are coming from one person who must have cheated on the program and didnt lose alot of weight.

Sad for you.But do not deprive these people of a good service!


Went into my detox today and had a wonderful experience! She is strict but for a reason, she obviously doesnt want you to throw away your money so she is strict about everything that you must do to get value and results.

I think everyone should get a detox!

-Lance K.


The issue is not if she is competent. I am sure she is. The problem is that she does not have enough respect for others to allow them to trust her experience. Thus, they do not want to work with such a hag. If she truly wanted to help people she would at least try to be nice. I can understand that she knows more than us. That is why people who are looking for solutions by her groupons. We pay the money and feel like we are sinners in the eye of God. Or Elizabeth. I don't care if her business succeeds or fails. I just want her to be more Christlike and really care about telling the truth upfront and really wanting to help people. She does not. If she reads this, I would say one thing. It is easier to keep a customer opposed to finding new ones.

"You can shear a sheep many times but you can only skin them once"

I have learned that when you think someone wants to help you, ask how much it will be first.


My mom is 52, she's had several problems Ms.King has done a wonderful job with her, and has been nothing but kind and pleasant with me and my non English speaking mother.

Very patient woman. Very strict but that's good when you're getting detoxed. Would you rather go somewhere where they tell you your 80 LBS over weight and tell you how to fix it? Or a place that just says your a little overweight?

I'd rather have the truth. Yes, she's strict on socks, and what have you but rules are rules and if you can't follow them then obviously that's why you're fat and unhealthy, simply because you can't follow a simple task (like limiting your meals for example).

I highly recommend her.As a business owner myself, I think she's more than professional and has a wonderful personality.

Mama Bear


Mean and rude and all the other things:


But - can she help you?

YES SHE CAN - and you will benefit from it!!

I could not handle her - my personality was to proud to just accept her dominating character. SO I stayed ill and got worse and ended up with cancer.

My husband played the humble part - did what she said - said yes m'am and thank you m'am - and HE GOT HEALED..!!

So - who is the winner? My husband is..!!

By the way - I think she has a clinic in Africa where she goes several times a year and helps the poor people there to heal. That is the reason she is so tough on the money and merciless if you cannot afford it. Anyway - She did tell me from day one that she was going to be tough - I just could not take it!!

SO - THE CHOICE IS YOURS - do you want to keep your pride or your health??


I have been to Elizabeth King TWICE and I love her.She is very helpful and she helped me lose 21 pounds in 3 weeks.

My blood sugar levels also went back to normal. She is a strong person and tells you the truth.

Some people cannot handle truth.I have taken my son and she has helped him too.

Soup Nazi

Like many of you, I wish I would have seen these postings before I purchased hydrotherapy sessions from Elizabeth King. I decided to try one session to see what it was like and if I felt it would help me. I set up the appointment and asked her if I could purchase directly from her instead of Group. She said it would be fine. I showed up at my appointment and tried to confirm that I could get the discount direct. She kept asking me for my coupon and I said I didn’t have one because she said I could purchase directly. Finally she agreed and helped me with my session. I was nervous, but she was decent in assisting me. After the 1st session, she said that I should buy 3 more with the promotion and that when I came back, she would set me up on a Detox program and that it will help me lose weight. I just figured she was aware of a good program she could refer me to. I saw what she usually charges and decided it might be a good deal. A few weeks later, I called to inquire about the Detox and to set up an appointment for one of my three remaining sessions. She kept saying that I only had two left and I finally got her to accept that I bought one plus 3 more. I asked about the Detox and then she said I needed to come in for a consultation and that it would be $78. She never mentioned this before, but I thought, she needs to pay for her lifestyle and if she can provide a service I would be OK with the fee. She also told me to bring cash because she does not know me...

I am not sure if anyone has seen the Soup Nazi character on Seinfeld, but Elizabeth reminds me of him. If you do not follow every rule, you will be scolded and demeaned. The appointment started 20 minutes late in which she finally gives me paperwork to complete. I do so and then she sets me up on a machine to measure my BP and pulse…. I think. You learn very quickly she does not like to answer questions. If she does, the reason is to belittle you. All she does from that point on is to tell me how poor my health is. If I thought otherwise, I would not need to see her. She then e-mails me a report that means nothing to me and I’m not sure she knew what everything meant either. She kept referring to past client’s sheet to explain details to me. The sheet had the clients name and address right on the top of the document. Since she is not a true doctor I guess she does not have privacy requirements or common sense enough to keep certain things private. She then looked in my eyes and fingernails. I used to believe in a lot of methods of discerning illness such as these in the past, but it seemed like all she did was go off a list of issues naming all the major organs. I surprised she didn’t mention my ovaries, but since I am a male, maybe she figured that one out. She then hooks me up to a Zyto machine and even when she completes a segment, she does not want you to remove your hand because it might be too much effort for her to ask you to please put your hand back on this tool. My hand would cramp up, but I didn’t want her to get mad so I left it on. During the entire process she accepted 3 calls and ate her lunch while I would sit at her consultation desk. When it was complete, I could see that the program recommended certain products and dosages. I thought, great we are getting somewhere.

Time was up and she had another customer walk up. I asked what the program will be and she said it will be some products but that I would need to do 3 Hydro Therapy sessions per week for at least 4 weeks. It might be more is what she said. I asked her how much the products would be and she said about $100. I asked if I could get the list that I saw on the computer. She said I needed to commit to the products and the sessions and I told her that I cannot afford the sessions at this time and would like to just do the products. She would not go for that. I can see why, she does not make as much on reselling supplements as doing the sessions. It would have cost me over $1000 to do her program. I said I cannot afford it and she had no compassion at all for me. I was rushed out of the office and was fuming mad.

I called the next day and explained that I paid $78 for a e-mail I don’t know what to do with. I was hoping to get something I could use moving forward. All she would respond with is that I choose not to do her program. To me this is like going to a car dealership and asking for an affordable Corolla. The salesman then says they will only sale you a Ferrari. Of course they want to, they would make more money. She kept coming back on that it will not be 100% effective. I agree. But if I can pay 10% of what she wants and get 10% better, why can’t she help me with that. I assume she does not care about her customers. She then in her laughable condescending tone said she would refund my money for the consultation and for the 3 unused sessions. I never want to see this women again so I send her an e-mail asking her to send me the check. She never replied to confirm so I called a week or so later to make sure she had my e-mail. If you have known her or work with her, keep good records. She will not. When you go into an appointment she will ask why you are there. I thought she either ignored or would forget the e-mail so I wanted to remind her. When we spoke she mentioned that she would not refund the money for the 1 hour consultation. She said it wouldn’t be fair. I said that it was not fair that I paid the fee and have nothing to show for it except a document I cannot understand. We argued about this based on what I said before and she explained to me that I am crazy and forget things and need to get mental help. She also mentioned that I am the first person to ever confront her with dissatisfaction. As you can see with this post, she just needs to Google her name and she will see everyone else that has had an issue with her. I finally gave in and asked her how much she would send me in the check. She replied with you tell me. A business owner should know these facts of how much a promotion of 3 sessions is. I thought I would test her and said $300. She replied with $109. I asked if she knew this why ask me, I just wanted to confirm the amount.

As I mentioned regarding the Soup Nazi, don’t ask questions and go along with her rude attitude and you may have a good experience. I agree with digestive health and she might have good knowledge of how to help people. She just needs to be a little nicer. If you can put up with her, then you are a better person than I am. With all these details she will know who I am, but I will have no issue taking her to court to refund my money.

She did refund my money and sent a 4 page letter telling me how manipulative I am. Like I said, I was not the correct personality to work with her. She wants a blind and obedient client who will not question her methods and will pay in cash. I am just glad I will never have to deal with her again.

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Powpow - I'm European and I have NEVER met anyone as rude and as abrasive as she is.(I didn't ask, but I thought she was from SA, but that is unimportant).

She treats you like an ***, is very impatient when asked for explanations, and is the most impolite person I have ever met, certainly in the 'therapy' profession.I'm a pretty strong person and don't mind saying what I think, but after a while, you think, there's no point in trying to let her know that her behavior/attitude is not professional or personable, she's beyond help.

If you have similar bad experiences, I suggest you complain to Groupon and the BBB.


Oh wow, I just got off the phone with her.She sounds like a very mean person and I made an appointment to see her on February 21st, but after reading your comments I don't think I want to go!!

She was really *** on the phone through the relay service I had to use when making the appointment.

Hmm....she didn't help you?


I just started a cleansing detox with her a couple days ago, because she claims it will get rid of my anxiety and depression."You are put on all these *** chemical drugs!" she said.

"This has got to stop NOW!" I have been on the cleanse since yesterday, and I am not feeling any better. I am struggling with panic attacks still, and she won't even let me chew gum, as that is one of the things that I do when I need help calming down... she won't let me! I mean COME on!

She is kind of straight forward and up front about everything, but she's European.. I grew up around that.

But she is just rude!:sigh


She is one of the rudest people I have ever come in contact with.


Just finished my 3rd session.Felt the same way at my 1st session for sure.

But I've met several clients that say she's changed their lives. I'm interested in going back for a detox. If you go make sure to bring your socks and your PRINTED coupon.

Listen carefully to everything the 1st time, and be on time!!You can survive, but you must be prepared for her personality fir sure!!!!


I have just come away from this place in tears, I was insulted for being constipated!She kept saying to me, "why have you come here like this?" why do you think, ***, to be helped!

She made me feel like a naughty child, after the most horrific experience, she asked me if I was ready to book another appointment, that's when I let rip, I told her she was abusive and rude, her reply?"why don't you just say thank you, when someone is trying to help you?" Don't put yourself through this ordeal, go somewhere more professional!

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #357333

have to agree.She is not only judgmental, this woman is scary and without scruples.

This is based on what i observed, not slander.

I have certainly seen more professional equipment for this sort of work too.I have really bad vibes about this place.

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